Collection Times 

For everyone's safety and convenience, and due to the high volume of traffic and vehicles in some neighborhoods, we ask you to pay special attention to the following: Place carts at the road edge the night before to your service day. Please leave three feet between garbage, recycling and yard waste carts. Do not place carts within five feet of vehicles, mailboxes, other obstacles or personal property. Please remove your containers from the road edge as soon as possible after they have been emptied. We are not responsible for items left next to carts.

Cart Placement Requirements


Extra Garbage/Recycling/yard waste

If you have an overloaded garbage cart you will receive a fee for each extra bag that is over the top $7.00 per bag. Carts are considered overloaded if the lid will not close. If you have extra bags or cans of garbage, extra recycling or extra yard waste that you would like picked up, you will need to request this before your pickup day. Email us or call us 996-7555. We will not take any extra garbage, recycling or yard waste on the side unless we are notified in advance. For extra yard waste. The yard waste must be in a 32 gallon can (without lining or lids) The fee is $3.50 per can. Please note: If your own can  slips through the grabbers and falls into the truck, it will not be retrieved due to the safety of the drivers.
Please place garbage and recycling loosely in your carts. Carts that are overstuffed or have material jammed into them may not empty completely.

 Contaminated compost/yard waste or recycle carts

If there is garbage or plastic bags found in the compost/yard waste or blue recycle cans there is a fee
for contaminated cans for materials that are not allowed.

Click RECYCLE GUIDELINES to view what is allowed and not allowed in the blue recycle can and yard waste can

Compost/Yard Waste service


NOTICE: You can no longer use your own cans. If you don't

currently have a compost/yard waste cart, please let

us know and we will deliver one.

Vacation Holds

You can suspend your service twice a year ONLY.

In order to suspend service you need to email or call us before your pickup day to setup a stop and resume date. In order to receive credit it must be for at least 1 month or more. We take away the carts if it is longer than 2 months.

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